Monday, January 17, 2011

"Thank You" cards for the Troop in Iraq

Summer of 2010, my friend, Hong, asked me to help her make a serious of 12 "Thank You" cards. Her office is planning to send the handmade cards that I make to the troop in Iraq to thanks the troop for their service.

Not sure if Hong noticed or not, I was thrill, flatter, honor, and bit scare.  I feel very honor that Hong asked me for help and believe in me.  I was scared because I was afraid that I will fail her.  More over, it was the first time that I used my Cricut Machine to make cards.  Even though, my hubby bought me the Cricut Expression in Spring 2010 but I did not open it until early or mid-Summer 2010.  As I have mention before, I am not computer savvy.  In addition, I also electronic challenge.  I am so afraid to open the Cricut Machine box and break any button.  However, I manage to use the Cricut Machine without any hiccup (knock on wood).

Hong, I hope I did not fail you.

Below are the "Thank You" cards that I made for the troop in Iraq.  Please give me some comments.  I think it will help me to be a better craft.  

TYC #1

TYC #2

TYC #3

TYC #4

TYC #5

TYC #6

TYC #7

TYC #8

TYC #9

TYC #10

That's enough blog for tonight.  More will be post for tomorrow.  Ta Ta for now!

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