Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Invitation Cards

Hi!  Thanks for checking in.  These are the invitation cards that I made for my son's and daughter's birthday.  There were no Cuttlebug or Cricut influence.  All done by punches and scissor.

IC #1 

I made this invitation card for my son's second birthday in 2007.  The inspiration of this card comes from my son (of course, he is the birthday boy after all).  My son loves Disney characters especially Mickey Mouse.  This is for him. 

IC #2

I made this invitation card for my daughter's first birthday in 2009.  As you can see, there are butterflies and you know why,  if you read my previous post.  

I made these invitation cards before I started to use e-vite as invitation to party.   One of these day, I will go back to making invitation card instead of e-vite.  I think it is more personal and meaningful.  Don't you think? 

Ta Ta for now.  "Stay tune".

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