Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get Well Soon Card

Me again!  Here is a Get Well Soon card I made a few weeks ago.  Since it is the flu season, I think this card will be handy.  I was thinking of my friend, Nikie, when I made this card.  It is not because she gets sick a lots.  Nikie is pretty healthy.  I remember that she said at one time she likes dragonfly.   Therefore, I use dragonfly in this card.  I think dragonfly is so dynamic and full of energy, no sickness and illness can stop it.  Dragonfly is unstoppable.  I think dragonfly and "Get Well Soon" phrase go well together.  Don't you think?


KMC's Recipe:
-  Size:  A2 (4-1/4" x 5-1/2")
-  Card Stock:  Recollection (Light Green and White)
-  Paper:  American Craft 
-  Embossing:  Heat Emboss 
-  Ribbon:  Celebrate It-3/8" Wide (Light Green)
-  Embellishment:  I-Rock

"That's All Folks"!  Ta Ta for now.  "Stay Tune"!

Please leave a comments.  Thanks for droppy by.

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