Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holiday Treats

I know there are lots of post in one single day.  Seriously, thanks for checking my blog.  Here are some Holiday Treats that I made last year for Halloween and Christmas of 2010.

HT #1

I made this Halloween Treat bags for my son's classmates for Halloween 2010.  I made 25 treats and bring it to his class.  He was very happy about it.  What I put in each treat bag were a pencil, Play Dough, cards games, and some candies (it is not Halloween if there is not candy).  I use Mini Monsters and the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridges.  

HT #2

I made this Halloween Treats bags for my daughter's friends at her daycare for Halloween 2010.  I made 35 treats and bring it to her daycare.  The nurses at my daughter's daycare told me all the kiddo at the daycare love it.  I am so happy to hear that.  I can't believe a little treat can brighten the day for the kiddo.
I used Plantin Schoolbook and Hello Kitty Cricut cartridges.  What I putted in treat bag were candies and Play Dough.     

HT #3

After the Halloween Treats, my son wants me to make Christmas Treats for his class.  Therefore, I made 25 Christmas Treats for his class and 35 for my daughter's daycare.  I made a total of 60 Christmas Treats bag for Christmas 2010.  I used Joys of the Season and Tags, Boxes, Bags & More Cricut cartridge.  I put a bag of hot coco powder, candy cane, cookie, and some candies in each treat bag.  

HT #4

I made 40 Christmas Treat bags for my husband's co-workers.  My husband and I used to work at the same office and the same department.  I am no longer working in the office anymore.  Like many people in this economic tough time, I got laid off.  My new job is better, I am a full-time mom to my children.  Hehehe.  When I was still working in the office, I would like to bring treats to the people in my department for any holidays (Christmas, Valentine, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc).  Yes, I may not working in the office anymore but I still want to bring some treats to the people in the office.  We may not be co-worker but we can still be friend.  Beside, it is Christmas.  It is time to share some joy.  MERRY CHRISTMAS, HC!!  I used Trim the Tree and Tags, Boxes, Bags & More Cricut cartridge.  

Ta Ta for now but "Stay Tune".  

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