Sunday, May 20, 2012

Annular Solar Eclipse 2012: Ring of Fire

If you haven't heard, today we have a solar eclipse and it is a annular solar eclipse (aka Ring of Fire).  This doesn't happen very often.  I heard the next annular solar eclipse will be in 2024 (please correct me if I am wrong because I am no scientist).  I guess the best place to see a today solar eclipse is western side of USA and eastern side of Asia.  Luckily, my husband took some pictures during the solar eclipse taking place.

@ 6:30ish in the evening from my craft room thru a peep hole

@ 6:35ish in the evening from my living room thru a peep hole 

@ 6:37ish in the evening from my backyard thru the leaves of the trees 

@ 7:01ish in the evening from my craftroom thru the peep hole

Too bad that we, the northern Californian, won't be able to see the actual Ring of Fire of the annular solar eclipse.  According to the news, Reno is the the best place in the western USA to see the Ring of Fire.  Anyway, I think it is still cool to witness this amazing natural phenomenon.  Hope you find this as amazing as I do.  Thanks for dropping by.  

"That's All Folks!"  Ta Ta for Now.  Stay Tuned for More Crafting with KMC. 

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