Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Saving for Happy Shopping

Hi All!  It has been a long since I have any post.  Sorry for MIA for such a long time.  My daughter has been sick and I was under the weather too.  Also, I am doing volunteer work at my local hospital (Kaiser) one day a week and it has been two weeks already.  Last Tuesday was my last day of training.  I will be on my own next week, little nervous.  Heheh.  On top of everything, I had an exam last Monday.  Thank goodness, the exam was over.

I don't have any new project to post as of right now.  Hopefully, I will have one or two projects to post by the end of the day.  However, I do have something to share with you all.  It is "Happy Saving for Happy Shopping" time.  I have couple of coupons for you.  Enjoy.

"That's All Folks"!!  Ta Ta for Now.  Stay Tuned for More Crafting with KMC. 

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